LOT 24 Brattland

LOT 27  McDonald

LOT 28  Rodgers

LOT 29  Taylor

LOT 30  Messenger

LOT 31 Schroeder

LOT 33  Holmes

LOT 38  Maker

LOT 39  Papenfus

LOT 40  McDowall

LOT 41  McDowall



Eldorado National Forest, CA 95726

The above description used with Google Maps will take you into Gerle Creek Summer Home Tract and  the Airport Flats Forest Service Campground


If you are using some of the other GPS programs….The one I use with Sprint uses the following description to get to Airport Flats

Wentworth Springs Rd at Union Rd D, North El Dorado, Ca …no zip required


If you can simply put in a GPS setting use

Use the GC Gate GPS listing for the Airport Flats Campground……….