The Eldorado National Forest and the Georgetown Ranger District originally planned to open a summer home tract and did initial work including preparing maps and layout in the present location next to Airport Camp on Gerle Creek in 1953 but it was not till 1957 before the details could be resolved where they finally accepted people who had signed up in years earlier for a lot in Summer of 1957.

By 1961 the existing lot owners organized and formed a non profit corporation called Gerle Creek Summer Home Tract Association which would be a basis for installing a full water supply system for the summer home tract. This water system was completed by the end of the season in 1964 which provides water to all 42 cabins in this tract.

The association has since 1961 managed the tract and water system for the 42 leaseholders and continues to do so in present day.




Eldorado National Forest, CA 95726

The above description used with Google Maps will take you into Gerle Creek Summer Home Tract and  the Airport Flats Forest Service Campground


If you are using some of the other GPS programs….The one I use with Sprint uses the following description to get to Airport Flats

Wentworth Springs Rd at Union Rd D, North El Dorado, Ca …no zip required


If you can simply put in a GPS setting use  https://www.gerlecreek.org/information_links/gcshtmapoct2005.JPG

Use the GC Gate GPS listing for the Airport Flats Campground……….


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